• Huski
    Dinner Menu
Huski Kitchen Cafe and Restaurant in Falls Creek

2019 Winter Season

Huski Kitchen Open
7am - 11am for breakfast
11am - 3pm for lunch
From 5pm for dinner

For bookings, call 03 5758 3863.

Smaller Dishes

Poached Prawn (gf, v, n)

On Betel leaf with a caramelised peanut dressing (for 4)


Chu Chi Chicken + Prawn Relish (n)

With crispy prawn crackers


Chicken Wings

With a spicy sweet + sour sauce (for 6)


Salt + Pepper Squid (v)

With tempura vegetables


Pork San Choi Boa

Mince pork, sweet sausage and vegetables in lettuce cups


gf -  gluten free optional | v - vegetarian optional | n - contains nuts


Shredded Chicken (gf, v)

+ Coconut salad


Thai Beef Salad (gf, v)


Green Papaya Salad (gf, v)

With crispy pork


gf -  gluten free optional | v - vegetarian optional | n - contains nuts


(All mains are served with jasmine rice)

Massaman Curry (gf, v, n)

Of beef brisket + potatoes


Green Curry (gf, v)

Of chicken thigh with Japanese eggplant + Thai basil


Crispy Pork Belly (gf)

With Asian greens and oyster sauce


Braised Beef Ribs (gf)

With mint, coriander and chilli with a squeeze of lime


Steamed Blue Eye (gf)

+ choy sum with a ginger + garlic broth


Crispy King Prawns (gf)

Served with green chilli dressing (for 4)


Roast Turmeric Chicken Maryland's (gf)

Served with a sweet chilli sauce


Pad Thai (gf, v, n)

Traditional Thai noodle stir fry with egg, tofu, bean sprouts and chives

Add Prawn or Chicken $5

Pad See Ew (gf, v)

Stir fry of fresh rice noddles and chicken


gf -  gluten free optional | v - vegetarian optional | n - contains nuts

Side Dishes

Steamed Asian Greens (gf, v)

With oyster sauce + garlic


Thai Fried Rice (gf, v)



Coconut Cake with  Sweet Cream (v)


Coconut + Honey Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis (v)


Ice Cream 

Per Scoop